Solr is the open source search platform that powers search for content rich websites. We’ve designed SolrHQ for the do-it-yourself WordPress blogger or for Joomla! based CMS sites. SolrHQ works for smaller data sets of up to 1000 pages of content. Best of all, SolrHQ is free to install.

Let’s say you have a blog and you want to add a powerful search engine to it. Register for an account on SolrHQ. Then generate a new Solr instance with a click of a button. Use one of your unique API keys to start interacting with your Solr instance. Utilize a precanned interface for CMS (joomla, wordpress), Applications (Past Perfect) or import data from your site using the code samples found on You can customize it further by writing your own code. Build a simple search page to display the results with highlighting and other built-in features such as boosting.

To get started with Solr Search, just sign up for a new account with SolrHQ … Here