What SolrHQ includes:

  • Mutiple Solr instances for different document collections
  • Integrated access to LUKE Solr admin/tool Box
  • Standard set of Dynamic fields
  • SolrHQ API is a simple layer on Solr API and adds security control.
  • A standard set of client tools and CMS interfaces

What is required to use SolrHQ:

  • Basically: Data that needs searching
  • Place to display: A web site or application to display the content that needs searching
  • Data: Content available as a database and/or a defined set of text files or other documents
  • Skill: The skill and access permission to load a shell script to load the documents into a Solr collection
  • OR sites using WordPress or Joomla

Also check out the articles here on SolrHQ.com for tutorials on getting started with Apache Solr.

Below are some articles on creating, managing, and querying your Solr instance:

  • Getting Started with Solr for Search
  • The SolrHQ API
  • Solr Client Libraries
  • Code Samples
  • Using Dynamic Fields in Solr

Application plugins and extensions

  • Word Press SolrHQ Search Plugin

What is Solr?